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Brazilian Platform for Digital Radio Mondiale - DRM standard.
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DRM-Brasil interviews Sergiy, DRM+ receiver author

QT-DRMPLUS is the first free software DRM+ implementation, and was made available by Sergiy, a long time digital radio activist and contributor of OpenDigitalRadio project.

Below follows the interview.

1- Sergiy, we know your work with free software DAB and audio streaming implementations for some time. Could you tell us more about the qt-drmplus project?

DRM stations which can he heard in Brazil

Francisco Braccini, member of DRM-Brasil, made a report about the current DRM stations that can be received in Brazil.

Brazil – So what now radio?

Brazil is experiencing a period of political and economic crisis, and this is not new to any of us, Brazilians. But the radio sector here does not even register the current crisis. Why? Simple answer: because Brazilian radio has experienced a huge crisis for years, and it is already so used to the lack of investment and growth that we don’t even feel the current chaotic situation which the country lives in.

New SW DRM trials by EBC (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação) will begin soon

New DRM testing in Brazil will begin soon. At this time the EBC (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação) will use a Continental Lensa transmitter operating at 4 kW in AM and DRM modes, from Brasilia - Distrito Federal.

The presentation made by EBC concerning the trial is available here (in Portuguese):

DRM gets public support for USA AM band trials amid HD Radio failure in AM

Expanding the Options for Digital AM

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai recently spoke at the the Missouri Association of Broadcasters’ annual convention, where he repeated his call for the FCC to undertake an "AM Revitalization Initiative." Telling the assembled broadcasters that "you’ve got a friend in me," he again listed off the possible policy options to help the beleaguered band, one of which includes its complete digitalization.

Special event presenting Digital Radio Mondiale and launch of the The Brazilian DRM multi-sector Platform

Monday Oct 1st 2012 - 2pm - Blue Tree Premium Paulista Hotel - Sao Paulo - Brazil.

The DRM Consortium is an international non-profit organization whose members are radio broadcasters (public and commercial), regulators, network providers, research institutes, universities and manufacturers among others. The consortium promotes the only global open and standardized digital radio system for all broadcasting frequencies.

Time for DRM trials in the US?

Can all-digital band rescue AM radio?

Digital radio broadcasts were once floated by supporters as a way to "save" traditional radio from competing technologies such as iPods and the like. Whether radio needs saving - and whether technology rather than programming can save it - is up for debate.

Regardless, we now have digital radio.

DRM+ trial in Brazil

The technical support and equipment for the trial in Brazil was provided by RFmondial, Fraunhofer, Nautel and the University of Hannover who set up the equipment.

The test demonstrated a very low power simulcast setup with a DRM+ 4W transmitter alongside a 25W FM transmitter, both with quite a low antenna. Community radios in Brazil are only permitted to cover a radius of 1 km. In addition to the live program of Líder FM, text messages and the News service Journaline were also transmitted.

ABERT Congress 19th – 21st June – Brazil

The DRM booth at the ABERT Congress was constantly manned and visitors could easily approach a very good team of DRM representatives including Ruxandra Obreja, Consortium Chairman and President DRM Association; Carlos Acciari representing Digidia, French manufacturer of modulators and server content for digital radio, member of the Consortium; Rafael Diniz, Ataliba Filho, Thiago Novaes and Paulo Lara, all official members and supporters of DRM Brazil group; and myself Marcelo Parada, Brazilian FAE of DiBcom, digital tuner business unit of Parrot, French designer of silicon tuners and demodulat

DRM Consortium will be at Brazilian Radio Congress

The DRM Consortium will attend and exhibit at the 26th ABERT Congress in Brasilia (19-22 June) in order to showcase the developments and full potential of the DRM standard, now fully recommended by ITU for both AM (DRM30) and VHF (DRM+). Consortium members will present equipment, receivers and latest information on DRM+ trials at booth 16.

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